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Crafting Your Jewels Since 2014

We are a jewelry boutique dedicated to illuminating your unique brilliance since 2014. We believe everyone deserves to shine.

Your Personal Online Jeweler

Step into the realm of Ultimate Radiance, your premier destination for bringing your jewelry aspirations to life. Beyond the role of traditional jewelers, we serve as your dedicated design collaborators, infusing each creation with enthusiasm, meticulous craftsmanship, and a hint of enchantment. Whether your preference leans towards the allure of moissanite, the timeless elegance of natural diamonds, or the eco-conscious choice of lab-grown diamonds, we're here to offer guidance and join forces with you in co-creating a piece that mirrors your individuality. Immerse yourself in a fusion of heritage and cutting-edge innovation, and discover why we stand out as more than just your ordinary online jeweler.

The Violet jewels Promise

With over 40 years of proficiency in crafting Moissanite, Lab-Grown Diamonds, and Certified Natural Diamonds, Violet Jewels stands as a paragon of reliability and excellence in the industry. Our unwavering commitment lies in procuring only the top 1% of the finest gems, with unparalleled craftsmanship serving as the cornerstone of our production process. Each jewelry piece undergoes meticulous inspection, ensuring it radiates with the utmost sparkle and boasts the finest polish.

Violet Jewels's global footprint, inclusive of a Chicago office and various offices worldwide, empowers us to source the finest diamonds from every corner of the globe. Upholding responsible practices in diamond and gemstone sourcing is paramount to us; we are devoted to environmental stewardship and ethical principles, striving to ensure that our operations contribute positively to both people and the planet.

By directly purchasing from the source, we cut out intermediaries, guaranteeing you exceptional value for your investment. At Violet Jewels, prudence and excellence take precedence, assuring you a purchase that is not only ethically sound but also exquisitely refined.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

All diamonds at Violet Jewels are carefully selected for their quality before our proprietary technology enhances their clarity. Our quality assurance team works meticulously to ensure that our diamonds are of top quality and worthy of the Violet Jewels name. After our stringent inspection, your diamond is certified by a licensed professional before being carefully placed in your customized piece and shipped to your home. That is our uncompromising promise to each of our customers, today and always.

Always here for you

Schedule a virtual appointment with our experts and experience personalized guidance from the comfort of your own space. Your journey with Violet Jewels just got even more accessible. We look forward to virtually assisting you in illuminating your unique brilliance.