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Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to provide a lifetime warranty on each and every one of our pieces, so you can rest assured that we will lovingly care for your Violet Jewels jewelry whenever it needs servicing. We stand by our work.
We will repair your jewelry whenever it needs repairing for as long as you own it.
Also, you can send your jewelry to us at any time for a free thorough cleaning and inspection to ensure it is sparkling beautifully and in top shape.
There are a few limitations to our warranty:


  •  Our warranty does not include the replacement of lost center/focal stones. We recommend you obtain insurance for your piece for the unlikely event of a focal stone falling out or getting damaged.
  • Many of our pieces feature one-of-a-kind stones. If these stones become damaged, we will do our best to replace it with a comparable stone, but color and type may vary, depending on what we have available.
  • Our warranty does not cover opals or turquoise. They’re often irreplaceable, which means we can’t always replace them if these stones get damaged or lost. Opals are especially fragile. We recommend that you remove your opal jewelry before you bathe, exercise, cook, clean, or use any kind of household chemicals or beauty products. To clean opals, use a soft toothbrush, mild soap, and warm water. (Do not put them in an ultrasonic machine for cleaning.)
  • Clients are responsible for shipping costs (to and from our studio) for cleanings, inspections, and repair work.
    Please Note: Clients are responsible for import fees and customs charges in addition to shipping costs. Please check with your customs office about any fees that may be associated with having us repair your piece.
  • All repair work is free within the first two years of ownership (except the replacement of focal stones). After two years of ownership, we will charge a small labor fee and/or materials fee for your repair service.
  • If you wear fine jewelry daily, a little wear and tear is normal. Our repair specialists will evaluate your piece. If you need repairs that go beyond what’s needed for normal wear and tear, we’ll let you know about the labor costs and material fees associated with your service.
  • Please send your piece to us for repairs because we’re the most familiar with each design, and we’re specially trained to work with such delicate pieces. Please Note: The warranty is void if you take your piece to another jeweler for resizing or repair work.


If your Violet Jewels piece needs a repair, please contact us on support@violetjewels.com to ensure that it’s entered into our service schedule. Our highly skilled repair specialist will evaluate your piece and stay in open communication with you about the work that’s needed and any associated costs.
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if you need to pass on any additional information about the service you need. (You can find jewelry care tips below!)

Jewelry Care

To keep your jewelry in great condition, we recommend the following:

  1. Keep it Away from Wood
    Avoid leaving your jewelry on chemically treated surfaces or on wood which can stain or speed up the tarnishing process.

  2. Keep it in a Zip-lock Bag
    Over time, your jewelry comes in contact with moisture and air which causes it to eventually tarnish. Put it in a zip-lock bag and squeeze out all the air before sealing.

  3. Keep away from Chemical Liquide
    Avoid spraying on perfume directly on your jewelry. Always wear your jewelry after perfumed, most important neck & wrist jewelry.

  4. Keep your Jewelry Dry & Away from Skincare
    Avoiding contact of your jewelry with Lotions & Creams may contains acidic ingredients that react with your metal of pieces also Avoid moisturizing area of your skin that come with contact of pieces.

  5. Keep your Jewelry away from Water
    We recommended to removing your Silver and Solid Gold Jewelry before taking shower as well as before washing your hand to avoid getting tarnish as silver reacts with water. Also, don't wear in swimming pool or sea area.

  6. Use Dishwashing Soap & Warm Water
    For pieces that are dull, filmy, or starting to discolor, mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water and rub the jewelry with a soft cloth. Rinse in cool water and buff with a cloth until dry.

  7. Keep away from Physical Activity
    We recommended to remove your pieces before going to bed or participating any physical activity to avoid any accidents that may causes damage to your pieces.

  8. Store your Jewelry in Box
    Always remember, jewelry should be stored away separately in air tight box to make it shine last forever.

  9. Clean your Jewelry
    We recommended to clean your jewelry piece after use occasionally & wipe with soft clothe. As a best practice, do this once every week.

  10. Clean the Metal First then Diamonds
    We recommended to clean metal first and then diamond this makes your diamond sparkle.